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About Me

Hi! I’m Larry, and this is my website.

I develop websites for fun and (on rare occasions) profit. I set them up for family, for friends, and for my own nefarious purposes. This website is a showcase, of sorts, to show prospective… um, family members what kinds of things I can do.

On occasion, I do things other than code. I like to do lunch with my buds at our fine local eateries, hack through a challenging crossword puzzle, and catch the odd youth soccer match. Such is my life; please don’t judge me.

About the Website

This website uses the Landing Page[1] theme from Start Bootstrap[2].

I like the look of Bootstrap[3],[4]-based websites, and how quickly they let you get up and running. You’ll find more Bootstrap-based creations (and maybe a few non-Bootstrap works) in My Projects. There’s also a list of other development-related websites in Links & References.

[1] Free Landing Page theme from Start Bootstrap (see below).

[2] Official website for Start Bootstrap, a provider of free Bootstrap themes and templates.

[3] Wikipedia (English) entry for Bootstrap (front-end framework).

[4] Official website for Bootstrap, an HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

My Projects

Here are some of my other websites.

They’re good examples of what you can do with a few basic tools and a little imagination.

Want to see more? Click an image to visit the website (if available) in a separate tab.

Contact Me

Email (preferred):

Laurence Watkins
(laurence [at] 7wattbulb [dot] com)

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Paper mail (if you gotta):

Laurence Watkins
P.O. Box 9679
Newark, Delaware 19714-9679

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